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Support patients with outcome-driven care

Excellence in healthcare is a collaborative effort. We are an extension of you in supporting your patients’ journeys to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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admissions each year in the US due to adverse drug events related to medications

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Health conditions for which we offer ongoing support

Poor compliance, medication errors, and drug abandonment continue to be major healthcare issues.

It's time to change this narrative

 We blend expertise, compassion, and adaptive technology to provide a more seamless, outcome-driven patient care model, where healthier patients is our sole focus.

Key Features

Drug Education

We offer concise & easy-to-understand drug information and support, either by phone, text, or video–where and when patients need it most.

Compliance Care

We text patients dosing and refill reminders to ensure they take their medications on time, every time.


Follow-up care and support from our team of pharmacists–we are just a text or phone call away.

Lifestyle Change

We take into account the patient's age, gender, disease state, and feedback to share research-backed lifestyle changes specific to each patient.


Self-reported health assessments help us get feedback from your patients and their responses to medication and lifestyle change.

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We share your patient's progress with you to improve compliance and outcome visibility.

Instant Messaging

Remote Patient Monitoring

Find Medication

Smart Caps

Reminds patients when it is time to take their medications and keeps track of their medication history

Transfer Prescription

Blood Pressure Monitor

Our partner system will prompt patients to take their blood pressure throughout the day, and that data will integrate with your patient portal

Sit Back and Relax

And More ...

From glucose monitoring to other blood indicators, we will be able to give you and the patient feedback as to how their medications and lifestyle changes are affecting their health.

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