Pharmacy Care at Your Fingertips

How It Works

Cost & Convenience

We offer the lowest price for your medication and seamlessly deliver to your door.

Tailored Health Guidance

You'll receive custom health suggestions based on your age, gender, medication, and condition.

Improves as You Grow

We refine your health guidance every time you call/chat with us or complete a check-in survey.

1 Save On Your Medication

Find your medication and indicate type, strength, and count.

2 Prescription & Insurance

Transfer your Rx from another pharmacy or help us get it from your doctor.

Pay with cash or provide insurance information.

3 Delivery

We will text you when your medication is on the way. In the meantime, you can watch your medication and consultation video while you wait!

Online pharmacy meets digital health coaching

Text Tips
Changing bad habits into good ones doesn’t have to be so complicated! Start with one small step at a time.

We make lifestyle changes easy by providing simple habit changes that make a huge difference.

All of your tips are personalized so they can be easily implemented into your life.

Consultation Videos
Long, complicated medication instructions are difficult to understand and often wind up in the garbage.

We’ve simplified these instructions by creating short, simple medication videos accessible anytime, anywhere.

Growth Guides
Making positive changes in your life can often feel overwhelming. Not anymore.

Our actionable growth guides help you make permanent lifestyle changes that support your new healthier self.

We offer both articles and videos to best fit your preference in the moment.

Adaptive Technology
What’s the use of a lifestyle change plan that doesn’t evolve as you do?

We’ll send you feedback surveys on a regular basis that will help us adapt your content and communication preferences so you’ll always be growing!

Remote Patient Monitoring
These smart devices will be able to give you and your doctor regular feedback as to how your medication and lifestyle changes are affecting your health.

• Smart caps to remember and track your pills
• Blood pressure monitor
• Glucose monitor
• Smart scales for weight and body fat
• Blood oxygen levels

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4 Pharmacist Chat

Receive text messages when it is time to take your medication and get a refill.

5 Reminders

We will text you feedback surveys so that you can tell us what you liked and what you would like more of. We learn from you and are always looking to improve.

4 Feedback Surveys

We are here for you and always want to improve. Your feedback helps with that.